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  • BS2:1-Don’t buy from big exchanges 🏦

    If you google ‘get bitcoin’ or ‘how to buy bitcoin’ the results are either scams or big crytpocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. I don’t recommend google searching ‘buy bitcoin’ or something and making a choice from the list of results.

  • BS2:2-How to use Azteco and bitcoin ATMs 🏧

    My favorite way to buy bitcoin is Bisq (covered in BS2 – 3: How to buy bitcoin with Bisq of this course). However, in order to use Bisq you need a small amount of bitcoin to put up as a deposit. So we’ll first have a look at some ways to get smaller amounts of…

  • BS2:3-Buying bitcoin with Bisq 🦞

    Bisq is a decentralized exchange. The term decentralized gets thrown around a lot in the world of crytpocurrency, so I’ll elaborate a little: Bisq is a software program that lets you connect with other people running the software who want to exchange fiat money and bitcoin.