Tag: Bitcoin

  • BS3:2-How to use coin control 🪙

    People don’t talk about coin control very much. In fact, you might never have heard the term. Coin control is paying attention to the individual UTXOs in your wallet and following best practices in how you spend them. If that made no sense to you, fear not! We’ll take it slow, and explain everything.

  • BS2:1-Don’t buy from big exchanges 🏦

    If you google ‘get bitcoin’ or ‘how to buy bitcoin’ the results are either scams or big crytpocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. I don’t recommend google searching ‘buy bitcoin’ or something and making a choice from the list of results.

  • BS2:2-How to use Azteco and bitcoin ATMs 🏧

    My favorite way to buy bitcoin is Bisq (covered in BS2 – 3: How to buy bitcoin with Bisq of this course). However, in order to use Bisq you need a small amount of bitcoin to put up as a deposit. So we’ll first have a look at some ways to get smaller amounts of…

  • BS1:1-Why ‘Not your keys, not your coins’ 🔑

    You may have heard the saying, ‘Not your keys, not your coins.’ The meaning of this saying is the reason bitcoin is worth as much as it is, and the reason it will be worth more in the future. What are bitcoin keys?

  • BS1:2-How to use a bitcoin wallet 👛

    The easiest way to start holding your own keys is to download a wallet app on your phone. Wallet apps are pieces of software that create the keys that control your bitcoin and that help you manage your transactions.

  • BS1:3-How to secure your bitcoin keys ⛓️

    If you don’t plan on owning very much bitcoin, it’s probably fine to just make two or three paper copies of your seed words and store them in secure places. But if you want to own a lot of bitcoin, you should take particular care how you secure your keys.