Pleblab + Tapsigner

Hey Car,

Here are a a few designs I made up for a set of 3 tapsigners.

The first design is just the soap logo with Pleblab taken from the tshirt we printed. I did it in three different colors to differentiate each one, and these colors could really be anything you like.

I actually think this looks pretty good, but it makes me sad that it’s really just the same image three different times. I think it would be a lot cooler if we manage to come up with something that ties three images together.

On that note, I tried a design with the three different characters from Fight Club based on the alternate tshirt design I made. Like this:

The problem with this design is that the three images are a little hard to see, particularly Edward Norton’s character. I never really liked how he turned out when I flattened the image to one two colors, and it shows here. Another potential problem with this design is that CoinKite might not want to tangle with the copyright issues that could come up from using the actors’ likenesses. Even though we’ve altered them quite a bit, I think there is a potential issue here.

So this brings me to the final design, and the one I like the most. It’s a further take off of the Paper Street Soap Co soap labels from the movie. You might remember the scene where Edward Norton meets Tyler Durden on the airplane and he gets a glimpse inside Durden’s briefcase. It’s full of soap:

I managed to find a pretty high resolution copy of the prop labels they used in the movie and so I changed them up to be the Satoshi Street Soap Company:

This is by far my favorite design. I have Pleblab and Tapsigner featured at the top just under the Satoshi Street Soap Co. and I included the blockheight when Pleblab was established as well. I know that this design is a little more subtle than the others, but I think people will really dig the easter-egg feel it has. For people who are Fight Club fans, this thing will be the coolest tapsigner ever. I’d love to hear your thoughts.






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